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The War Tapes

Schonmal etwas davon gehört? Ich bin durch die empfehlenswerte Community darauf gestoßen. Trailer anschauen!

„Turns out they don’t have to find us. They are us“

Die geplanten Bombenanschläge in Kanada zeigen mitlerweile ein sehr nüchternes Bild, mit was für Tätern man es zu tun hat.
Einen vollständigen, informativen Text über die Ereignisse ist heute im Frontpage Magazine erschienen.
Ich möchte ein paar Textstellen hervorheben.

Shockingly for Canadians, almost all the suspects, who range in age from 17 to 43 years, were either born in Canada or had arrived here at an early age and possess Canadian citizenship. Five are under the age of 18 and thus will be tried as young offenders under Canadian law; most of the others are in their early twenties.
The father of one of the accused works for Atomic Energy of Canada, while the father of another is a doctor. Two are related by marriage. They live in nice suburban houses or in city apartments, sometimes close to each other.
Security officials say this group is part of the new wave of homegrown Muslim terrorists appearing in the West. Like the British subway bombers, these second and third generation Muslims have never lived in an Islamic country, at least for any length of time, and have never attended an al Qaeda training camp, but are inspired by Osama bin Laden’s hatred for the West.
But Joe Warmington, who was present in the courtroom for the shackled suspects’ bail hearing last Saturday, termed some of the alleged terrorists’ behavior “bizarre”, saying they were smiling and laughing, as they waved to family members, some of whom were clad in burkas.

“You could ee that they were proud of themselves,” said Warmington.